Contrary to popular perception and political rhetoric, the Green Party of the United States is the actual flag bearer of American liberalism; its ethos, pathos and logos sit at the very core of every purist liberal in the country. Not since the days of President John F. Kennedy, and subsequently, President Lyndon Johnson, have the liberals had one of their own to call President.

The result of the 2012 presidential election means that the liberals will once again be piggybacking on the left wing of the Democratic Party to champion their cause. It bears no reminding that the party's share of the popular vote in 2012, 0.36%, is its worst since 2000 (2.74%/2000, 0.38%/2004, 0.56%/2008).

While they can take heart from the fact that the campaign of their nominee for President, Dr. Jill Stein, managed to expand the party's ballot access to 38 states, the stark truth is, the next four years will be crucial to the party's credibility as a major political force, and perhaps, long-term survival. A great challenge awaits the party's next presidential candidate - and this is no exaggeration.

 Declared and Exploratory Green Party Candidates   
Exploratory 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Physician, Reformer, Environmental Activist
Exploratory Green Party 2016 Candidate Jill Stein
Jill Stein is no stranger to national politics. As the Green Party nominee in 2012, she understands the rigors of a national campaign. Stein is a fierce advocate for the environment and believes that investments in green issues can propel the American people and economy forward.

 Potential Green Party Candidates   
Potential 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Former U.S. Representative from Georgia
Potential Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney

The former Democrat became the first ever female Africa-American from Georgia to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives after being elected to represent the state's 4th District in 1996. She would go on to serve a total of six terms in the House.

Third Party Presidential Candidates
Female Presidential Candidates
Republican Presidential Candidates
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 3rd Parties & Independents

2016 Presidential Candidates
Pawel Kuczynski

To preserve freedom of political expression, the electorate must be both free to choose and adequately informed. There are over 300 presidential candidates registered with the FEC for the 2016 election. Most of these officially declared candidates are marginalized or completely ignored by mainstream media and lack the benefit of unlimited spending by Super PAC’s.

We don’t know if these candidates would make a better president than a career politician, just as there's no guarantee that any of the campaign promises will actually be kept.

Word of mouth and today's web of social networks empower 'We the People' to promote a candidate more effectively than any media conglomerate, and subsequently scrutinize their every detail in thousands of national online platforms.

Take a look at the candidates, visit their websites and if you find them worthy of being given a chance, share their candidacy with friends and family.

May the best person win!

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